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I'm Glen Weinberg. I grew up in the printing world. While I helped my dad with odd jobs around his printing company in my younger years; my strongest skill was getting ink everywhere. I was obsessed with the darkroom… not because it was dark but as it had the coolest revolving manual doors. Those doors would take me round and round filling my day with fun, although I’d get yelled at for using too much. Then my adventures took a turn, when my dad purchased an Apple II and a laser…printer that is. That was the moment that changed everything. I became Glen, graphics, Weinberg.

Today I am a Creative Director of Digital Marketing Design for Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) the largest customer-owned health insurer in the United States, which operates Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans in Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. I have a team of digital designers within HCSC’s in-house creative team under the Marketing, Communications and Brand department. My team and I tackle the creation of style guides and digital assets including email, ads, internal/external websites, manage our brand portal, design systems, and components to meet the needs of a multitude of clients in-order-to help enable their marketing campaigns and social media projects. As we are a diverse company, our team designs with accessibility in mind and have met 508 compliance standards for over five years.

My portfolio includes a few of the hundreds of assets that I have created for our internal and external clients, Individual and Family, Commercial Group Markets, Medicare/ Medicaid, Turning 65, Producer/Sales, Provider and Education departments for our Blues plans.

When I'm not working or trying to get things to look right on smaller screens, I'm either playing video games, practicing some insane solo on guitar (that's going to take months to master) or trying to figure out which one of the 237 shows I have on my list in Netflix to watch.

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Columbia College Chicago
BFA Graphic Design
Two Year Emphasis Web Design - UI/UX